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The BetAmerica Radio Network (BARN) is here to provide you with a different take on horse racing news and information. Our regular host Jason Beem is joined by a range of racing personalities and you can be sure there will never be a dull moment when listening on BetAmerica Extra or downloading the podcast from iTunes.

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Informative, Humorous, Yet Always Passionate

We love racing at the BARN as much as you do, and we believe it should be a fun sport. We still aim to keep you up to date on all the important news, but we’re going to try and do it with a smile on our face - and yours.

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Live Video Streaming

As well as daily radio shows we will also be offering live video streaming of some of our most important handicapping contests offered at BetAmerica. Your regular host Jason Beem will be leading the video festivities along with specials guests. Enter one of our contests and you can see your name up in BARN lights!

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Fun, Fun, Fun!

We offer a different view on horse racing topics. Check out our regular musical parodies on our YouTube page where legendary music meets famous horse racing personalities, both equine and human.

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Watch & Listen at Your Convenience

You don’t need to be stuck to a radio at a certain time to enjoy being in the BARN. All our episodes are available on demand on our website and iTunes. For the best experience subscribe to our Podcast to receive our latest episodes automatically on your iPhone or iPad.